oh no, yarnfusion!


Last week I had to get new linen thread, and I treated myself to a couple of skeins of Noro Taiyo Sock while I was at it (there was of course an exact plan, and I love thin Noro, and someday I would very much like to knit a big skein or even two skeins of Silk Garden Sock into actual socks, but it is expensive and the single construction makes me awfully scared to try it, like I will just wreck a spendy, rare-to-me ball of imported yarn and be sad, or I will get cool socks and because they are cool socks I will want to wear them often, and they will be in undarnable shreds in two months. So basically they are way too dear to make real socks, but that also makes me want to do precisely that. I should put Silk Garden Socks on a list of What I Would Do With Nearly or Functionally Unlimited Amounts of Money or If Money Were No Object Because I Had A Lot of It. But even then they might not be very durable socks) 

and I was so excited, and then I stacked it up with the handspun I had worked on all weekend, and I am kind of feeling perplexed about it now, because after all that anticipation, after letting maybe a year or even longer go by since I first got all intrigued (YES it was a year because I saw tiny taiyo at my first wool festival! and that was only June-before-last! And I did not buy any because moderation is key!), I think I might kinda like my handspun better. The spinning is sturdy as singles can be, I think, and the colors are nice of course, and bright, and I tend to go for winter-child colorschemes when I spin a slow-changing yarn to the exclusion of all else, so there are not usually a lot of bright Halloween options from a batch of self-made yarn. But I think just without even thinking of it as Mine* or Handmade or adding abstract value to it, the yarn I would prefer to pick up is the big slightly thicker skein of handspun, from fiber blend to handle to the overall look of it, and I can’t sort out whether to be disappointed or really stoked. 

I am still totally going to knit the Noro up. It isn’t like that. 

*Does anyone else view their own work with more criticism and potential dismay than they do anything else? because seeing a thing as Mine is not always an abstract added value for me, the way Handmade is a value if it is one of your criteria for a made thing.